Ellen Kahn - NUVOtv Brand Vision / Creative Director
Director: Laurent Chanez
Production Company: Identity ID

NUVOtv is the first and only English language network for today's MODERN LATINO with original programming
that entertains, inspires and unites this powerful community of American Latinos, ages 18-35. NUVOtv was in
need of a rebrand and redesign to accompany the relationship with Jennifer Lopez.

I immersed myself in the vibrant culture. Insights and findings led to the brand personality as modern, dynamic
and genuine. As a part of the core team, I worked directly with Jennifer Lopez, our COO. Jennifer came up with
the tagline "WE ARE IT" and our story developed around owning the phrase MODERN LATINO.

A modern aesthetic with easy navigation were key to the redesign and directive for the pitch process I led with
outside agencies. The look and feel originated from the inside out starting with a new logo, spicy color palette,
and Proxima Nova font. I expanded our in-house agency and infused our brand culture as I guided the design
direction and tone for the on-air, off-air, 360 marketing campaigns, digital and branding original programming.

NUVOtv launched a dynamic look and feel reflecting the MODERN LATINO to support the exciting new original
programming. Marketing campaigns were conceived to introduce new stories and new voices speaking to our
influential, culturally vibrant and rapidly growing audience.